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St. Pauli Affairs
Red Light Music From The German Reeperbahn Movies Of The 1960s and 70s


release date: 10th of september 2001

In the years from 1967 to 1972 German cinemas were haunted by a very successful wave of movies dealing with a special part of Hamburg: the red light district St. Pauli.

In contrast to the St. Pauli movies of the 1950s, which showed an upright and quiet image of the area around the harbour, these movies revealed the true face of St. Pauli: prostitution, drugs and violence.

More than 30 motion pictures have been made in that time including Plaisirs Pervers, Hot Traces Of St. Pauli, The Priest Of St. Pauli, Eros Center Hamburg, On the Reeperbahn At Half Past Midnight, When Night Falls On The Reeperbahn, Streetaquaintances Of St. Pauli… Their soundtracks fused elements from the music of that time Jazz, Funk, 60's Beat & Lounge to create a genre that reflected the tone of the films, Sleazy Listening. All material on this CD is previously unreleased.

St Pauli Affairs brings together the cream of composers from this era such as:

Peter Thomas (Space Patrol, Edgar Wallace, The Boss) 
Berry Lipman (The Girl from Paramaribo, Star Maidens) 
Peter Schirmann (Pop Shopping) 
Wolfgang Hartmayer (Erotik On The School Bench, Jess Franco's X312 - Flight to Hell) 
Roland Kovac (48 Hours To Acapulco, Jonathan) 
Siegfried Franz (Stahlnetz)
Rolf Kuhn (Jess Franco's The Corpse Packs His Bags, Wedding Night Report)
Frank Valdor (uncrowned king of easy-euro-bossa)
Erwin Halletz (Karl May, Liane - Jungle Goddess, Girls at the Gynecologist)

St. Pauli Affairs: Music for 70s strip clubs and ford mustang car chases…file it in your Sleazy Listening/Loungecore/Soundtracks section.