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Peter scores.
The erotic world of the Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra

DIG003 LP (limited gatefold edition)

release date, Germany: 29th of april 2002

Join Peter Thomas and his Orchestra on a trip into the erotic world of soundtrack music of the 1960s and 70s. Discover vocal nuggets performed by Daisy Door, Eric Brodka, James Darvin, Mike Redford, Kerry Hallam and other soulful voices.

A compilation with previously unreleased music from Germany's coolest filmcomposer. It shows an undiscovered part of his work: The soundtracks for his erotic and love-movies of the 1960s and 70s, like Angels With Burnt Wings, Do You Believe In Swedish Sin?, Little Women, Seventeen And Anxious, Oh Happy Day , Happening In White etc.

The music styles change like German weather in april: Beat, Jazz, Pop, Easy Listening and Bossa, or how Peter Thomas describes it: 

"This compilation is a certain kind of chic, nutty, bizarre, spheric, sinful-horny music out of the erotic soundscape of the acoustic-phonetic-hotline-lounge-party-music universe." Got it?

Rounded up by exclusive liner notes from the master himself and awesome photos from the movies. "While America had the smooth jazz of Henry Mancini, Italy the lush atmospherics of Ennio Morricone, England the bold brass of John Barry, and France the moog experimentation of Jean Jacques Perry, Germany had all these rolled into one - Peter Thomas!" 
(The Millionaire / Combustible Edison)

Peter Thomas is best known for his music for two internationally successful movie series: Edgar Wallace and Jerry Cotton - and his score for the sci-fi TV series Space Patrol, which features the first recorded use of a vocoder. His music inspired a new generation of musicians, he got sampled by bands like Pulp, Air, Combustible Edison, Stereolab, High Llamas, St. Etienne, Stereo Total and finally on the new Röyksopp release.