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Melodies in love
The erotic world of Gerhard Heinz

DIG009 LP (limited gatefold double vinyl with bonus tracks)

release date, Germany: 16th of june 2003

After the huge success of our compilation "Peter scores. - The Erotic World Of The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra" (DIG003CD/LP) we now release part two in our series, dedicated itself to composers who scored for the erotic film genre.

Melodies in Love - The Erotic World Of Gerhard Heinz

Explore the treasure trove of Austria's leading film music composer on this first time release: A blend of 19 tunes offer more than you expect from the sound of the 1970s.
Hey, you don’t know Gerhard Heinz? Heinz, Gerhard Heinz, the John Barry of Austria? We find a remedy for that…with this compilation of this best film tunes.

Watching the elusive adventures of Melody O’Brian and Sascha Hehn on the beach of the Mauritius with the finally erupting volcano (!) during their love scene, you will never forget the music of Melody In Love (1978). Responsible for the soundtrack and for more than 200 other films, mainly in the erotic genre, is Gerhard Heinz Shameless / Schamlos (1969), The Naked Countess / Die Nackte Gräfin (1971), Julia: Innocence Once Removed / Die Nichte der O. (1974) or Love Bavarian Style / Geh Zieh Dein Dirndl Aus (1975). Titles like Svenska Disco Machine provide flawless disco-funk, Bangkok At Night appeals to arose directly out of a James Bond movie from the 1970s, Die Sieben Sünden is a Vienna Melange consisting of Chanson and Easy Listening and Dampfnudeln (sweet yeast dumpling) have never been prepared that voluptuous as in this alpine homage of Je t’aime.

The enormous variety from marvellously arranged and sung Beat, Bossa Nova, Pop and Groove Jazz stands out from the mostly bad films and makes this compilation a highlight of our past repertoire.

In addition to that comes an extensive booklet with marvellous multicoloured film photos, exclusive liner notes of the composer plus a preface of director Hubert Frank, the partner of Gerhard Heinz with ten common film projects.

The CD contains 19 tracks. The limited gatefold double vinyl offers 2 bonus tracks.