Manni der Libero
Original Filmmusik aus der gleichnamigen TV-Serie


release date, Germany: 28th of April 2006

The series
Peter Conradi's youth' book of the same name provided the basis for producer Franz-Josef Gottlieb and was adapted by Justus Pfaue for the realisation in television. In 1981, the 13 sequels were shot in the Ruhr area and in Berlin and the film's cast caused furore in German youth' rooms: Curly head Thomas Ohrner, wearing football socks and shorts, dreams of a career as a football pro and finally ends up in the national youth team. The TV broadcast proved to be a real blockbuster and the series became a classic of children's and youth' television: There is probably no-one between the age of 25 and 35 not associating this series with the most beautiful memories and exciting telly afternoons.

The music/the composer
The music written by composer Christian Bruhn is one of the highlights of the series. While the Timm Thaler soundtrack is rather melancholic and full of prog-rock-keyboards à la Pink Floyd, rock-guitars and vocal songs dominate the Manni der Libero soundtrack. Already the title song with its rapid Manni der Libero-shouts can be regarded as a classic. It's easy to tell that Bruhn had only just finished composing the Captain Future soundtrack before working on Manni der Libero: the tracks Manni als Detektiv (No. 9), Berlin! (No. 11), or Ein Spiel geht verloren (No. 12) sound as if they had been nicked from the cartoon classic's soundtrack.

Bruhn is one of the most successful and alterable composers in Germany. He has not only composed many successful Schlager, but also literally ruled the soundtrack-market of the average 70s and 80s telly afternoon. He set music to cartoons like Captain Future, Alice in Wonderland, and Wickie und die starken Männer, but also to Christmas series like Silas, Jack Holborn, Patrick Pacard, and Oliver Maass.

When recording the soundtrack, the recording studio was filled with leading musicians of the Munich Sound. Christian Bruhn played the keyboard and was accompanied by:

- Kristian Schultze / Keyboard (Klaus Doldinger’s Passport, Udo Lindenberg, Giorgio Moroder)
- Curt Cress / Drums (Klaus Doldinger’s Passport, Falco, Freddie Mercury)
- Günther Gebauer / Bass (Donna Summer, Boney M., Udo Jürgens)
- Geoff Bastow und Mats Björklund / Guitar (Elton John, Amanda Lear)

The CD comes with a 16-page booklet with many rare pictures from the series and exclusive liner notes by bestseller author Bastian Sick (Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod).